Hevosmetsurit, 2013
Jenni Karhapää & Liisa Ahola
Yksikanavainen HD-video, 16:9, stereo (6:37)

The horse power method almost vanished gradually after forest industry started to expand in Finland after 1960’s.
However, when it comes to ecological and aesthetical things it is sometimes the only way working in forests.
Fortunately there are still some people who are maintaining horse logger tradition with tough, hard working breed: Finnish horse.
The video was made as a part of LiikKuvat project.



Video still from Wreckdance, 2012
Video still from Wreckdance, 2012



Wreckdance, 2012
Single channel HD-video, 16:9, stereo (4:10)

What happens, when the inhabitants of the mysterious house envenoms each other?
“Wreckdance” is a music video I made for a band from Tampere.